What is a tangerine martini?

What is a tangerine martini?

2019-09-12. Clean, simple, classy this is a martini. This icy refreshment has such crisp, sharp flavors, perfectly blended with vermouth, gin, and a gentle wisp of citrus aroma served in an elegant glass making it worth all the mixing right from the first sip.

What does martini go well with?

One legend has it that bartender Professor Jerry Thomas is the forefather of the modern Martini. During the late 19th century he was renowned around the US for his groundbreaking bartending work, flashy techniques, and man-about-town demeanour.

Who invented the martini?

One prevalent theory points to the town of Martinez, California, where historians and town inhabitants alike claim the drink was invented during the mid-1800s Gold Rush. Apparently, a gold miner who had recently struck it rich decided to celebrate his good fortune at a local bar.

What is the difference between a cocktail and a martini?

Rather, a martini is a drink made with gin and vermouth, then garnished with an olive. That’s all there is to it. Some may even try to switch the gin for vodka, and call it a vodka martini but many purists would reject this and simply call it a cocktail. but if it’s not mixed with gin, you’re not mixing a martini.

What type of cocktail is a martini?

IBA official cocktailTypeCocktailPrimary alcohol by volumeGinServedUp (or on the rocks)Standard garnishOlive or lemon twist7 more rows

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