What is a Scrumpet mean?

What is a Scrumpet mean?

A strumpet is a woman who commits adultery or sleeps around a lot. It’s an insult, although an old-fashioned one. You can also call a strumpet an adulteress, hussy, loose woman, or trollop, but it’s best to avoid all those terms since they’re sexist and offensive.

What is a pork Scrumpet?

It’s simply an old fashioned word to describe meat coated in breadcrumbs. But the meat is usually slow cooked first. In fact scrumpets, and other breaded meat leftovers, made a regular appearance in my war time rationing pamphlets.

What is a beef Scrumpet?

Scrumpets are perhaps the ultimate meat snack in this case braised Aussie beef brisket cooked down, then chilled, battered in panko and quick-fried. A tangy lime mayo takes it over the top.

What is a Cooz?

/ (kuu02d0z) / noun taboo, slang, mainly US and Canadian. the female genitalsa girl or woman considered sexually

Is strumpet in the dictionary?

noun Older Use. a prostitute. a sexually promiscuous woman (now often used facetiously).

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