What does corn pair well with?

What does corn pair well with?

What To Serve With Corn On The Cob Perfect Side Dish Options

  • Leafy green or chopped salad.
  • Meat such as pork ribs, pork chops or grilled chicken.
  • Potato salad.
  • Any variety of pasta salad.
  • White or brown rice.
  • Potato chips, French fries or potato wedges.
  • Fresh fruit salad.
  • Baked Russet or sweet potatoes.

What dishes can be made from corn?

43 Delicious Corn Recipes To Make This Summer

  • of 43. How To Boil Corn On The Cob.
  • of 43. Mexican Street Corn (Elote)
  • of 43. Basil Feta Corn Salad.
  • of 43. Grilled Corn.
  • of 43. Mexican Corn Salad.
  • of 43. Classic Corn Casserole.
  • of 43. Bacon J