Can you use cream instead of milk in bread?

Can you use cream instead of milk in bread?

Heavy cream is a great substitute for milk in a baking recipe, but it does need to be diluted slightly. Because heavy cream boasts a fat content of 36% to 40%, using a half cup of heavy cream mixed with a half cup of water will be your best bet for replacing one cup of milk.

What can I put inside my bread?

Winning combinations for your bread add-ins

  • Kalamata olives with oregano or thyme. You can use any olives I just love Kalamata olives.
  • Sundried tomato’s and garlic.
  • Walnuts and Raisins .
  • A blend of seeds and oats always works great.
  • Cinnamon and raisins of course!
  • White onions (raw) and poppy seeds.
  • Pistachio.
  • How do we make cream?

    How to make Fresh Cream

  • Heat milk and boil for sometime say 3-5mins(depends on what type of milk you get).
  • Keep collecting the malai in the same container and refrigerate it.
  • After the container is full you can either make butter out of it else use it as cream as such.
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    What can I put on top of baked bread?

    Toppers: The egg wash helps toppers adhere to the loaf when added before baking. Seeds such as poppy seeds or caraway seeds, crushed dried herbs, or rolled oats make tasty and attractive baked bread toppers.

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